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Clinical research largely drives the advancement of medicine. At Douglas Family Medicine in Castle Rock, Colorado, you may have the opportunity to participate in clinical research by receiving new and innovative treatments in their late stages of testing. To learn about current clinical research and find out if you could be a participant, book your appointment at Douglas Family Medicine by phone or online tool today.

Clinical Research Q & A

What is clinical research?

Clinical research is medical research in late stages that looks at how conditions and treatments affect patients like you. It allows researchers and physicians to learn more about disease pathology and treatment efficacy.

Clinical trials are an aspect of clinical research that involves the testing of new medications and treatments before they become available to the general public. At Douglas Family Medicine, your provider may refer you to a clinical trial through Northwest Clinical Trials, a corporation that specializes in clinical research. 

Clinical trials help experts study the effects of:

  • New drugs
  • New medical devices and technologies
  • New surgical techniques
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Existing treatments for new purposes
  • A combination of treatments

Clinical trials are one of many clinical research steps to determine whether new treatments are safe and effective enough to hit the market. During your time in a clinical trial, a team of clinical trial staff and doctors closely monitors variables of your body’s functioning and your condition itself.

What are the benefits of participating in clinical research?

Many patients benefit from taking part in a clinical research trial. Benefits of your participation may include:

  • Compensation for time and travel
  • A better understanding of your condition for medical professionals and yourself
  • No requirement of health insurance
  • Helping future patients with your condition
  • Early access to compelling new treatments
  • Frequent and consistent care and evaluation

Your doctor ensures that you fully understand the commitment you’re making when you agree to participate in a clinical research trial.

What types of clinical trials exist?

New clinical trials open up constantly, studying all kinds of ailments and treatments. You may have the option to join a clinical trial regarding:

  • Depression
  • Alzheimer’s and dementia
  • Certain types of cancer
  • Asthma
  • Migraines
  • Acne

You may ask your Douglas Family Medicine physician to fill you in on new and upcoming clinical trials for which you might qualify.

Am I a candidate to be a clinical research participant?

When deciding who can participate in a given clinical research trial, researchers develop two lists of criteria: Inclusion criteria and exclusion criteria. Inclusion criteria are requirements that you must meet in order to be considered for participation. Exclusion criteria are factors that make you ineligible. 

You might be a candidate for a clinical research trial if you:

  • Understand the details of the study and can sign your informed consent
  • Are generally healthy aside from any conditions relevant to the study
  • Can make the required time commitment

The team at Douglas Family Medicine may ask that you undergo tests to ensure that a specific clinical trial is a safe option for you. The criteria vary greatly depending on the condition and treatment type that is being studied.

If you find medical innovation compelling and are interested in taking part in clinical research, call Douglas Family Medicine or request an appointment online today.

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